LIVE Roadmap in Trello

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This LIVE Roadmap in Trello is a real-world, real-life example of Agile in action. It's a practical application which showcases how we apply Agile in our business every day for release management, new product features, new products and strategic planning.

When you buy this Roadmap you get full access to:

  • Our entire Roadmap
  • What we're working on
  • What we're planning for
  • Our Parking Lot / Pipeline
  • Our Discarded List
  • How we prioritize releases
  • How we categorize new products or new features

How can this help you?

  • You can use this to understand Agile in practice
  • You can use this as a Case Study and to show your team an example of Agile in practice
  • You can use this as a reference to create your own product Roadmap
  • You can use this for ideas and inspiration
  • We're more than happy to answer any questions you might have about it

Note: The image has been blurred to protect our IP and confidentiality.

By Mauricio Rubio & YESI EDUCATION

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LIVE Roadmap in Trello

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